Academy of Performing Arts – Faculty of Music and Dance

Academy of Performing Arts was established in 1949 and from this time it was evolved to one of the most prestigious institution in area of the artistic education and research in region. Academy of Performing Arts is a public university type and provides higher education with BA, MA, PhD. and ArtD. degree courses in full-time programmes and in selected degree courses in distance – learning programmes. Faculty of Music and Dance offers the study in the branch of musical arts at several departments (keyboard instruments, wind and string instruments, church music, opera singing, concert singing, choral and orchestra conducting, opera direction, theory of music, dramaturgy and management, dance interpretation and choreography). Faculty of Music and Dance realizes several concerts, projects and festivals (festival Orfeus, performances of Opera studio, several concerts of Symphonic orchestra of Academy of Performing Arts and chamber ensembles, workshops such as Orchestra Academy for conductors, student´s concerts and projects, etc.) every year, which are dedicated to students, professional community and broad-spectrum of public.